Lyon's 2017 hearing book draft — and 2018 revision

Human and Machine Hearing

— Extracting Meaning from Sound

by Richard F. Lyon

After 7 years in the works, my book is out, from Cambridge University Press, May 2017. See my book blog at for where to buy, discounts, reviews, errata, discussion, etc.

Free Author's Draft PDF

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Here's the 2018 errata-corrected revision of the "author's draft" of the book: Lyon_Hearing_book_01jan2018.pdf.

Smaller file: Lyon_Hearing_book_01jan2018_smaller.pdf -- If you're having trouble downloading the full 70 MB file, this 10 MB version with degraded images might work for you.

Here's the version that went to press in 2017 (really not very different, just a few typos): Lyon_Hearing_book_08jan2017.pdf.

Smaller file: Lyon_Hearing_book_08jan2017_smaller.pdf

I taught with draft chapters in the fall of 2010 at Stanford: PSYCH-303: Human and Machine Hearing. In the subsequent years the book has not quite doubled in size.